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Breaking Free To Find your Passion

Breaking Free To Find your Passion

Breaking Free To Find your Passion


Angela Thomas Friis is a Chicago native, who has been a leader since heading back to college, only after raising two children primarily alone. 

This is where she was part of the leadership program and invited to a private conference w President Gorbachev's, she learned about business and community.

She moved to AZ to create a film fest that spotlighted upcoming talent, film and helped  the homeless community and also became a goat stylist for Goat Yoga AZ. 

After successfully running the fest for several years, she moved to Hollywood and resumed her career as a Makeup Artist, working on numerous famous faces.

As a  goat stylist this is where her passion and understanding for goats turned into a love and this is where it all started.

She became a known Goat Wrangler in Hollywood, after luckily nabbing a job working with the famous Party Goats .



Breaking Free To Find your Passion

Breaking Free To Find your Passion

After years of struggling with anxiety and depression Angela  noticed it was starting to lift and noticed the joy the goats were bringing and will continue to move forward sharing my passion with others. 

Angela knows these goats bring  joy to people

and she want to bring that "goat' feeling to everyone.

Goats bring comfort and joy, they help reduce stress and research even indicates that interacting with therapy animals can temporarily affect the release of various neurotransmitters in the brain.

Bringing a sense of calm and joy.

 Wally Bentley is my goat who's learning his own tricks and seems to love goat yoga and nursing home visits.

The first thing he learned was selfies and everyone loves taking selfies with him.

This is where #whereswallynow came to be , so if you see him snap a selfie and be on his map and IG.

Want to get an instant go fix, watch a YouTube video w jumping baby goats!

Book your event today, We are located in Peotone and will bring our goats to your Chicagoland area events

Birthday parties, kids parties, nursing homes,film, yoga or any other event you need adorable baby goats at to add  some fun.

It is a unique experience not to be missed.

Goats in Chicago Suburbs, Contact us today.

Goat Inspired Products and Goats

Breaking Free To Find your Passion

Goat Inspired Products and Goats

Fast forward, I am now in Hollywood and Chicago.

I  got remarried to Actor Larry Thomas aka Seinfeld's Soup Nazi  but rest assured there will be no goat soup being served up.

I learned, trained and studied the goats behavior for several years and one thing I can say for certain, they are confident animals that have a keen sense of energy and love to socialize. 

I've had the pleasure of working on TV shows, commercials, film, YouTube, photo shoots, influencers, parties,corporate team building, yoga, therapy , schools, doing educations and everyday I am in awe at how amazing these animals are and how much they love being with people.

The best feeling in the world is walking into a room of people and watching their faces change from tense to happy and seeing moods instantly uplift. Goat energy is what I want to bring to the world or as I call it the goat effect.

Animals, I believe are the angels among us and when we connect to an animals, we are connecting to universal love and this is why I created the business.

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