Inspirational cards to get you , Yogi balanced!


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These cards are meant to encourage and inspire you daily. 

 For daily inspiration choose a card a day, your soul will know which to choose. 

Learn from them .

Beautiful color and design this 30 card deck includes 6 free fun cards

 Limited time only!

Cards Come in a hard plastic case for easy travel. 

Standard playing deck size 2.5 x 3.5.

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Goat Worthy Rubber Empowerment Bracelet

Goat Worthy


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Goat Worthy Empowerment Bracelet 

The color is a calming blue, one size fits all 1/2 rubber bracelet. 

The front says Goat Worthy the side hosts a little goat head and on the back says believe 

in yourself. 

Great reminder to believe in oneself .

A percentage of this sale will be given back to a Chicago Animal Charity. 

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