Bahh Happy, As Seen On TV!

Helping to bring Chicago Events from Blah to Bahh

From Blah Events, to Bahh Events! We bring the goats to you.

Chicago's Event Goats Are Here!

Chicago's Premier Event Goats


Bring your next event from Blah to Bahh

These are not your average weed eating goats, my goats are semi trained Nigerian Dwarf Baby Goats.

They love meeting new people and making them smile.

Angela, is a animal lover who is passionate about all animals but particularly goats, working with some of Hollywood's most famous goats Spanky and Pipppin from Party Goats La and in Arizona with the first originators of Goat Yoga at Goat Yoga AZ.

Working as a wrangler for yoga class, wellness events, schools, retirement communities, fundraisers, red carpets, TV, film, You Tube Influencers, parties, and more.

 I know the joy it brings to a room when goats walk in.

A percentage of each goat event will be donated to an animal charity, called MNM acres in Manhattan, IL or Goats of Anarchy .

Goats can help to elevate ones spirit by reducing anxiety and depression, by helping one to live in the moment and goats also feel ones energy.

Goats are a great comfort to those who need it and those who just need a smile, they will also show a silly side!

Goats are great for yoga as they help to stretch the pose, the also help one to focus and to trust in the moment and they help connect us to something other than oneself.

Goats as a spirit animal are the highest on the totem, as an animal to help with self confidence and the ability to believe in one self.

Goats are also great as a therapy pet, as they are gentle souls.

Goats are great for birthday parties as they are social and love to be part of the crowd.

Once you have a goat at your event, you are surely going to be the talk of the town which is great for PR and your business.

Other events we can host in Chicago are :

As a former event specialist creator , I Co-founded, created and successful ran a film fest for years.

I  can also help you create and build an event  for your business, baby goats included .

I can also bring one or two baby goats to your Party, Goat Yoga Chicago,Weddings, Bachelorette Parties, Girls Night Out, Birthday Parties, Corporate, Fund Raiser, Charity Events, Film, TV, Photo shoots, Store Openings, Wellness Days, Goat Yoga in studio or private, Goat Therapy, or whatever else you can imagine, just imagine the smiles it will bring to your event, we bring our goats to you.

Email us for quotes or bookings,  serving Chicago burbs

Immediate response call our goat mom Angela 480-634-3719